Happy Easter!!!!!

Happy Easter to you bros~!! (And if you don’t celebrate, then another happy day to you!)

I actually planned ahead this year, unlike last year XD ooohhhhh my goodness

Anyways! I hope you like these two Easter drawing things~  (With Fairy!Spamano and uuh…Bunny!Spain, I guess? XD)
And Romano is making the same facial in each of the pictures, so sorry for that! I-I didn’t really notice haha! XD


im gonna be out all day so heres a really dumb eater doodle


im gonna be out all day so heres a really dumb eater doodle


( ˘ ³˘)♥ Spain and Romano waking up late in the afternoon, smiling goofily at each other with their legs intertwined under sheets.

(。♥‿♥。) Spain and Romano cooking together and trying to smear tomato sauce on their noses with laughter.

(♥ω♥*) Spain and Romano dancing around the kitchen, as Spain sings lowly in Romano’s ear.

♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ Spain and Romano 

Okay, okay okay.

So there’s this girl who sits across from my art table in our art class, right? And so today, she turns to me and she asks me, “Are you Mexican?”

And I’m all like, “Noo, I’m half white, half Puerto Rican~”

And then she’s like, “What’s Puerto Rican?”

and that’s when I saw my hope for our generation crumble right before my eyes

How old are you?

I am 16~!! .w.

Oh no…….I’m getting another AU idea again .___.

Omfg no no no stop stop stop stop it STOP IT!! You have too many! Cut it out! You have to stop this, brain! NO mooooorrreeee!!!

The song If You Don't Mean It by Dean Geyer reminds me so much of Spamano!

Oh my goodness, bro~!! That song is my jam~! I love that song!! ;7; ♥ (Like if Hetalia was a musical, I can totally picture Romano sitting in his room on laying on his bed just going over memories in his mind and just singing this about Spain~ ;w; ) 

I know you're busy right now, but will your ask the Spamano AUs be updated?

Mmm…well h-here’s the thing~

I do plan on updating it, but with a million things going through my mind like requests and the next Fairy!Spamano comic and with just all the questions that I haven’t answered and all that jazz, I don’t think I’ll be updating anytime like ‘right now’ soon.

So, here’s the deal with this. I was thinking of just keeping and saving the unanswered questions and starting it back up in June~ (The whole thing I did before was more like a…uhh…”experiment” in a way to see how many average questions I get and how quickly I can draw them out and post them~) And gosh, I really wasn’t expecting so many questions! XD And now I feel really bad because a lot of people haven’t had their questions answered yet and I think the only problem I had was just I need much more time than a tiny spring break. And I think I would have no trouble doing it during the summer. I think it would run a bit smoother and easier on me (and my hand XD)

So, in conclusion, YES!! XD Yes, I do plan to update it, but you’ll have to wait till June~ ;w; 

If it cheers you up: I have like two friends who I'm actually comfortable with showing most of my work. And to one I gave my sketchbook the first time with the words "All you find in there is gay or a kitten" ('cause I mostly have guyxguy or small animals -mostly cats- in there) and whenever I ask her now if she could look at something and give me a feedback of some sort her first question is 'Gay or Kitten?' So yeah even if not everyone likes it, there will be people who are supportive .7.

Naaww~! That’s nice~ That does cheer me up~ ;w; Hopefully maybe I’ll get a chance to be friends with those kinds of people in real life ♥